Midland School District Balancing Budget

August 30, 2006--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

PLEASANT PLAINS, AR--When it comes to your financial bottom line, the state's stand on schools is shape up or ship out.

"The State Department of Education has stated that if Midland School District by June 30 does not show a positive balance, they will be closed," said Midland School District Superintendent Lynn Roe King.

In order to meet the deadline, the school has been busy crunching numbers to save the school.

"We have come up with a very mean and lean expenditure side of the budget," said King.

Baring a major catastrophe, the classrooms should be full of students next year.

"We think, we will, regardless of some of the downfalls, have a positive balance for this district," said King.

While the school anticipates its budget will be in the black, officials are presented with another problem... school enrollment is down 8% from last year. Fewer students mean less money from the state.

"This district does not need to lose students in a situation when they are trying to climb out of a hole," said King.

Overall the Midland School District is down about 40 students from where they were last year. In July, the school actually sent out letters to those students who transferred asking them to re-evaluate their decision. Currently the school is investigating those transfers to make sure those students filled out the proper paperwork, if they didn't their move to the new school could be a temporary one.

"If you live in the Midland School District, you are going to be coming back here or you are going to be relocating your domicile," said King.

The next major hurdle for the Midland School District is a $350,000 thousand short term loan payment due in January.