Drywall Repair Tips

Drywall, made of a crumbly fire resistant substance called gypsum, can be used to cover conventional bare stud walls or damaged substructure and plaster walls.

Larry Haney Painting and Pressure Washing will repair drywall from large to small, giving walls a facelift. We can install new drywall or replace damaged drywall from water damage or simply aging. We specialize in both residential homes in the Region 8 area as well as businesses, so please feel free to contact us today, to speak to a drywall expert.

Tips About Drywall Repair

•If you are not used to working with plaster, you may find that it dries out quickly! To help, add a little household vinegar to the plaster. You will then be able to work with it longer until your speed increases!

Nails In Plaster. To avoid splitting a plaster wall when driving a nail into it, try heating up the nail first. The hot nail will go through the plaster easier and without any cracks!