How often should I paint the exterior of my home, and why?

Many things effect how often you will paint your home:

  • Some dark colors are more effected by sun exposure and may need recoating more often than lighter colors.
  • Some areas of your home receive more exposure to sunlight and the elements than the rest of your home.
  • Things such as trees, clinging vines, and sap can also cause you to have to paint more often.
  • The length of time between paint jobs is also affected by the amount of preparation put into the previous coating.

The easiest way to know if it's time to paint is if you have any cracking, peeling, flaking, or blistering paint.

Proper preparation absorbs the majority of the time and cost associated with painting the exterior of any building.  This means that the sooner you catch any problem areas, the less it will cost you overall. If it only takes one day to scrape paint as opposed to three days, it will effect the price of the job.

Paint is meant to be a protective coating. Everything from metal and wood, to concrete and stucco will last longer and hold up better to the elements when properly painted.

Larry Haney can also help to maintain your property once we paint it by pressure washing and doing routine touch ups to heavily exposed or weathered areas every six months or once a year, as needed.