How to Throw a Good Tailgate Party

SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Tailgating and football go hand in hand, but some say if you're going to throw a tailgate party, you've got to do right. We spoke with Lowe's Warehouse in Jonesboro to find out what all they offer to the tailgater.

"Lowe's also offers these lightweight plastic tables. Now I would advise putting some kind of cover down over the top of it, if you're going to use that to put your grill on top of. They are very light, very portable, easy to store, if you have to move from your vehicle to your tailgate site," says Rick Carmack, a Lowe's sales associate.

From grills, to grill kits, to radios, Lowe's offers a variety of items for your tailgate party. Having fun is always a goal, but they say regardless, safety should always be a top priority.

"Keep your distance with your fuel source, especially on a gas grill. On your charcoal grill, once you get it lit, remove your lighter fluid from the area," says Carmack.

We caught up with a few tailgating experts at Valley View's first high school football game to get their thoughts on the importance and process of a tailgate party.

"This being Valley View's first game, we wanted to have the atmosphere out here, and have a celebration and just get everybody pumped up and ready for the ballgame tonight," says a few grill experts at Valley View's tailgate.

But throwing a big event such as a tailgate must take a lot of preparation.

"We got here about 7:30 this morning and started the fires, put the meat on, and cooked all day," says grillers.

They say the key ingredients to a good tailgate are actually pretty simple.

"Lot of food, lots of good cold beverages, and friendship," adds grillers.