Drinking and Driving Crackdown

SEPTEMBER 4, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas police agencies have joined in a nationwide effort to crack down on one of America's deadliest crimes, drinking and driving.

"We are out there and if you do drink and drive, there are consequences to pay if you get caught," says Corporal Doug Thomas with the Arkansas State Police.

And that's the purpose of the nation wide police crackdown on drinking and driving. Police say they work hard to keep drunk drivers off the roadways.

"We try to have more units out on patrol. We have more field sobriety check points where we have multiple units at one intersection checking everyone that comes through," says Thomas.

Corporal Thomas says sooner or later it will happen. If you make that choice, you will eventually get caught.

"If you drink and drive and you get caught, then you're going to jail. That's what most of the campaign ads that I've seen have said and that's pretty basically what we do. If we catch you drinking and driving, we're going to put you in jail and take you're driving privilege away from you," says Thomas.

Police say the most important part of any crackdown campaign is making drivers more aware of the consequences if you choose to drink and drive," says Thomas.

But they say this campaign shouldn't mislead drivers. Although the crackdown started August 18th and officially ends Labor Day, the message should still remain.

"You know it's really no different than any other weekend. This weekend, next weekend, the weekend after, we're going to be out there looking for the same thing. We don't want to send a false message. Don't drink and drive this weekend, but since next weekend's not a holiday, it's alright to. Don't ever get out and drink and drive," says Thomas.

Police say the number of arrests during the crackdown have not yet been released.