Aircraft Lands in Soybean Field

September 5, 2006 -- 6:05 PM CDT

NEEDHAM, AR -- Jonesboro attonery David Cahoon had a Labor Day scare Monday, after the plane he was flying experienced engine trouble.

He was forced to make an emergency landing, putting the single-engine plane down in a soybean field near Lake City.

"We were flying about 2,000 feet," said Cahoon.  "All of a sudden we had no power...and about 90 seconds to make a decision as to what to do."

Cahoon made a decision and landed his Beachcraft Bonanza in the middle of a soybean field.   His son and grandson were in the plane with him as he landed safely in the field.

"Well, you just operate on instincts practice this all the time," he said.  "Hopefully, you know what to do and don't panic, and it's just not enough time to do anything but put it on the ground in a safe spot."

He never thought that spot would be a bean field, and now that he's safe, he said that he will fly again.

"I've been flying for a long time...40 years," he said.

K8 news was unable to get an interview with the owner of the field, Danny Russell, but Cahoon said he will most definitely repay him.

"I guess I'm just going to buy some beans from the farmer."

Meanwhile, he and his buddies pulled the aircraft out of the field, and took it to its next destination...a hangar.