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Jonesboro, AR -- Marsha Mays Reporting

Jonesboro Bank Robbed

SEPTEMBER 5, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- The Regions Bank in Downtown Jonesboro became the latest site of bank robbery in Region 8 and we now know this isn't the suspect's first attempt at robbing a bank. He was arrested for the same crime in the mid 90s.

51 Year Old Lloyd Ford of Jonesboro is now behind bars at the Craighead County Jail, awaiting his court appearance Wednesday. The robber entered Regions Bank on Church Street and once inside walked up to a teller and said this is a robbery and then demanded cash. The teller calmly gave him the money and he immediately walked out.

Once the robber left the bank with money in hand, you might think he left the area, but instead he went just next door to the Bartels Law Firm. Once inside, he asked the receptionist to speak with one of their attorneys. She told him that everyone was out to lunch and wouldn't be available for another 2 hours.

"He didn't do anybody any harm or we weren't afraid because we had seen him before so you know nobody was upset by it. He was happy to just wait for a couple of hours. He said he had plenty of time and the two hour wait would be fine," says Margaret McKinney, the Bartels Law Firm Receptionist.

Next, she said he asked to use the restroom, all while police are searching the area.

"He went to the bathroom and I guess within 5 minutes, 4 to 5 minutes, he came back out and sat down again," says McKinney.

After waiting inside here at the Bartels Law Firm for about 30 minutes, the robber left and went just 2 doors down to the Halsey Thyer Law Firm. After going inside, he asked to use their bathroom as well. Soon after he came out of the restroom, police were inside. He then told the police that he was who they were looking for and immediately was arrested without incident.

All within about an hour's time, police were able to make an arrest and recover all of the stolen money.

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