Jonesboro's First Bilingual Daycare

September 7, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm

JONESBORO-- Learning a second language can be challenging at any age, but a new daycare in Jonesboro is giving kids a headstart.

They're teaching children Spanish with an interesting twist in daycare...

Their curriculum is not just about building bilingual skills, it's about giving children a whole new perspective on life.

A perspective that is life for the owners... The Paredes family.

For Amy Paredes, learning a second language came later in life, when she married into a Hispanic family.

Owner of Early Advantage Bilingual Daycare Amy Paredes says, "A lot of studies show that children learn a second language between the ages of two and twelve, and if they miss that window of opportunity it is very rare that they will learn a second language. We just thought that we'd build a daycare where children are able to learn," Paredes says.

Amy's mother-in-law, Maria moved to the US from Ecuador just 10 years ago, and she's still trying to learn English as a second language.

"For me, when coming here to the United States, I didn't understand English, but now I do understand very good," Maria Paredes says.

As the two put their heads together and their skills at work, they're helping children enter a whole new world.

At Early Advantage Bilingual Daycare, kids have lessons daily in Spanish and English.

They participate in interactive lessons, and each day they learn three new English and Spanish words.

"After they go through our program, we also offer after school tutoring so that they can keep building on their language skills and they can become completely bilingual," Amy says.

But for the Paredes family, this business isn't just about daycare, it's about bringing together a family just like their own.

These children may not be related, but they're learning a love for a language they weren't born with and people they know little about.

"The children... American or not American... Hispanic or any race. It's happy for me to give the love," Maria says.

For more information, contact the daycare at 870-219-1060 or visit