Employee of Arkansas Employment Board Fired after Audit

SEPTEMBER 8, 2006 - Posted at 4:52 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - An employee of the state Transitional Employment Board was fired after an audit showed that she had used an agency credit card to purchase items worth $27,000.

Demetrice Burke also received reimbursements for $3,000 for travel expenses that auditors deemed "very suspicious."

Officials have forwarded the audit report to the Pulaski County prosecutor's office.

Burke was the employment board's former outreach monitor.

Agency director Jessica Caldwell told legislators that Burke used her state credit cards to purchase personal items at department stores, to purchase meals and to buy gasoline for her personal car but that she and others at the agency failed to notice.

Caldwell said the agency has taken steps to improve monitoring of credit card purchases.

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