9/11...Through the Eyes of a Survivor

September 10, 2006 -- 7:30 PM

JONESBORO, AR -- Sunday was a day of remembrance at Nettleton Baptist Church, as Pastor Stan Ballard paid tribute to the survivors and heroes of 9-11.

Ballard set aside the day for a very special Region 8 native, Terry Pickrell of Hoxie, who witnessed the terrorists attacks first hand.

"Back on 9-11, I had just finished college, and I went to work for Morgan Stanley in Fort Smith, AR," said Pickrell.  "I was going to become a financial advisor, and at Morgan Stanley for financial advisor traning, they send you to New York."

Pickrell went to New York for training, and said that the morning of September 11 felt just like another day to him...until he heard a big boom!

"I knew then that something wasn't right...at that moment...I knew the Lord was kind of letting me know in my heart that there's a sense of urgency there," he said.  "I prayed and said, 'Lord just get me out of here.'"

His training was on the sixty-first floor of the south Twin Tower, and his prayers were answered.  He testified that it was God's grace and glory that led him to ground zero.

"I count it as a privilege to tell people how God has blessed my life, and how His grace has been so powerful in my life."

Since 9-11 he looks at life in a different perspective.

"It certainly puts things in priority for you...the important things like God, family and the church," he said.

This is his testimony to remind everyone that Americans don't live in the same world as they did on September 10, 2001.