Region 8 Woman Shares Ground Zero Experience

September 11, 2006 -- Posted at 1:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- We all watched in horror as America fell under attack on September 11, 2001.

We felt helpless as fellow Americans were literally burning alive inside the Twin Towers.

That feeling of helplessness provoked some Americans to travel to New York City even if it was only to offer words of encouragement.

Pat Griffin, of Jonesboro, made the trip just three weeks after 9-11.

"As we were flying in, we could actually see the place where the twin towers had been. It looked like a big pile full of huge ashes.   All I could do is say it looks so small, but I know how large it is God, and I just ask you to bless all the people who helped, and who were there," said Griffin.

Griffin's purpose for making the trip to New York City was to offer encouragement to those left picking up the pieces of a vibrant city that fell under attack.

With the fireman, I just said I am so sorry. He said, I am too. We lost some great men that day. I said, I know you did.  Eventually things will get back to where you can live a normal life again," said Griffin.

Even two blocks away, she says, you could still see, smell, and hear the buildings smoldering. At that moment, Pat says, you weren't standing next to a stranger, you were next to a fellow American grieving for what our country lost.

"There was a sense of reverence. There was not any pushing or disagreements in the crowd that large. It was very unusual. In a crowd that large you will sometimes find that, but not there," said Griffin.

The silence, she says, said more than words ever could.

Staring at a pile of ash where two iconic towers once stood, Pat said a prayer for those killed, and for their families.

"People went  there to pay honor to that city. I hope the people that lost someone in the Twin Towers will remember that we care about them, and we care about them very much," said Griffin.

A thought shared by millions of Americans... even five years later.