Region 8 Remembers 9/11

September 11, 2006--Posted at 4:45 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--It's a moment frozen in the memories of Americans forever.

"To me and for my generation September 11th is going to be the thing we mark as the transition in our lives," said Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates.

Monday across Region 8, ceremonies were held to commemorate 9-11.

St. Bernards Behavioral Health Center honored those who lost their lives with an emotional flag changing ceremony.

"I think it is a celebration. We honor them by celebrating those lives even though they are lost," said Doug Doggett of St. Bernards Medical Center.

Students at Tuckerman High School marked the day with a special multi media tribute aimed to recreate the emotion of that fateful day.

"I think it is important to get the attention of students focus on our heritage and history. Certainly this was the biggest tragedy they have seen in their lifetime," said Tuckerman High School Teacher Tammie Clausen.

The Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation ceremony featured Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates. The event concluded with a heartfelt laying of a wreath in front of the courthouse.

"It's an emotional day for me and the other law enforcement personnel and fire service people because our brothers were killed, but I think it is also emotional for a country as a whole, because we lost our innocence," said Yates.

Hundreds of fire, police and emergency personnel lost their lives on September 11th, now five years later, the day offers us the chance to honor those who risk their lives to protect ours.

"When you see a member of our armed forces, a police officer or a fire fighter tell them thank you and say a prayer for them, as they paid the price one drop at a time. I will never forget," said Yates.