Are We Prepared?

Five years ago... The United State of America was attacked in one of the worst man-made disasters on our home soil ... one year ago one, we experienced one of the worst natural disasters in history. Each event featured many examples of heroic moments... these two events also exposed some great weaknesses in our ability to deal with large scale disaster.

What would happen in Region 8 if we experienced a disaster of similar proportion? Are we prepared?

Consider This...

Region 8 is located in the New Madrid Seismic Zone... Earthquake specialists predict the probability of an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater in the near future is considered significant; a 90% chance of such an earthquake by the year 2040 has been given. Again, if a major earthquake hit our area, are our emergency personnel prepared to handle such a large scale disaster? Is your family prepared?

Based on response to previous disasters we have learned that we cannot rely on the Federal Government to come to our rescue. And with Katrina we had several days of notice that the pending disaster was approaching. With an earthquake we will most likely have no notice.

As a local television broadcaster we are required to have a disaster plan and we have gone through simulated drills to make sure our plan works. However, as much as we test our plan, in a real disaster you cannot account for every situation. Just as our sister television stations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama provided life saving information to the families affected by Hurricane Katrina, we commit that KAIT, through our on-air and on-line delivery , will be here to provide you with the most immediate information.

We encourage you to have a plan for your family... and your business... and review it at least once every year. Most disasters don't come with a warning, but if we all have a plan our chances of survival are increased dramatically. In fact, the American Red Cross is holding several disaster relief training sessions this month. We'll include a link to the Red Cross information, and links to other readiness preparedness sites in the Consider This section of our website...

Hopefully we'll never have to implement those plans, but if we do, you can count on KAIT to be there with news and information government bulletins, road closures, and shelter and aid information, anything to help Region 8 families cope with the situation in a safe and responsible manner.

Today, as remember the tragedies of 9/11 and Katrina, let us look to the future with hope that we never have to endure a similar event, but if we do our preparedness will significantly prevent such tremendous loss.