Car Crashes into a Downtown Jonesboro Building

September 12, 2001 -- 6:50 PM

JONESBORO, AR -- Police were busy Tuesday morning in downtown Jonesboro when a truck slammed into the back of a parked Ford Explorer causing the SUV to crash into a building.

Frank Hendrix was inside First Baptist Church Student Ministries building when he heard something crash.

"I heard a car wreck, and obviously like anyone would, I looked out of the window to see what was happening," said Hendrix.  "I looked out of the window, and by the time I grabbed the blinds I felt the truck come in, and so I just jumped out of the way," he added.  "Luckily I dodged pretty scary."

He said that he didn't have time to think, he just ran for cover.

"I jumped right out of my flip flops," said Hendrix.  "It almost hit me, but I wasn't in any real danger, cause I didn't get hurt."

Police said the driver was 19-year-old Mitchell White, who was on probation from an earlier drug conviction.  He was driving a burgandy pick-up that caused a chain reaction of crashes.

White was taken into police custody and arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, and the owner of the Explorer that crashed into building was in shock.

"One of my co-workers called and said my vehicle was in an accident," said Mark Groves.  "I came out and could tell the front end was in the building, so I was a little bit surprised."

Groves was surprised and relieved that no one was hurt, but he knew it could have been more serious considering there's a day-care center in a near by building...a day-care center where his daughter usually spends her Tuesday.

" The day-care's in a seperate building," said Groves.  "Of course there's concern for any people anytime there's an accident."

A source later notified K8 News and said that the drugs involved Tuesday and in the previous conviction were prescription drugs.  He also said that Mitchell White had a seizure, and that's what caused the accident.