Who Are The Suspected Purse Snatchers?

We're back at Wal-Mart this week looking for a pair of purse snatchers.

Jonesboro Police and Wal-Mart security want you to ID either one of these two people. The detective working the case suspects them of taking a purse that was left in a shopping cart in the parking lot. Here's a closer look at the female suspect as she comes in the front door. If you recognize either one of these people it could be worth cash. Give Crimestoppers a call right now, 935-STOP. No one will ask your name.

Here are this week's Warrant Watchees in no particular order.

Billy V. Harmon has put in some work on his Warrant Watch bio. He has four non-payment of fines, two revocation of probation, and nine contempt of court warrants out of Jonesboro.

Julian L. Lockhart outdoes Mr. Harmon with just one line. Check this out; he has 16 non-payment of fines warrants out of Jonesboro.

Tell police where they can find Julian Lockhart or Billy Harmon and get some moola. Call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP and tell police what you know. You'll get a tip number. Keep it, and keep watching Crimestoppers. If you see an arrest in your case, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and tell him your tip number. He'll tell you if it's worth some Crimestoppers cash. Give 'em a call, and remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.