ASU Promotes Cultural Affairs Program

September 14, 2006-- Posted at 10:45 pm

JONESBORO-- The Office of Multicultural Affairs at Arkansas State University is sponsoring Spanish and Latino heritage week.

A Latino tradition has made its way to region eight.

"This particular event is one of many events that we have to celebrate Spanish Latino heritage week here at Arkansas State University," Assistant Dean of Multilcultural Affairs Jerrod Lockhart says.

The group Salsa of Memphis performed salsa dances and taught an audience a few moves of their own.

It's an effort to unite a campus that is already making an effort to become culturally aware...

"We have a wonderful group of students who work to plan multicultural events all through the year all year long once again, if we look at our country it's not just black and white. We have a lot of great and wonderful things that make up this country that we live in," Lockhart says.

So with a shake of the hips, these students are getting a little taste of culture and learning a new form of dance.

"Sometimes many of our students are right here in our delta region they're not really aware. As we look around our city, we have more Hispanics or Latinos coming to our city or our region, so why not educate our community about the culture and give them a little bit of the experience and a little bit of the flavor," Lockhart says.