Robbery Suspect Arrested. Any Connection To ''The Mopinator''?

September 18, 2006--Posted at 10:30 PM cdt

Jonesboro--Delbert Allen Jenkins may be able to hide his face from the camera but he couldn't hide from police. According to JPD, this is him, robbing the Bill's Fresh Market Express on South Stadium Saturday night at closing time. Throwing the cash register to the ground several times, eventually breaking it open and taking the cash. All the while the scared female clerk pokes at him with, ironically, a mop.

If the scene looks familiar, it should. In June of 2005, the same store was robbed in nearly the same way. A 2x4 then, a metal pipe now. Then, a black cloak. This time, the robber was dressed in black from head to toe as well. The suspects in both cases appear to be the same size and build.

Last year's robbery made the clerk, Lucas Jenkins famous. We dubbed him, "The Mopinator". The video of his heroics ran on Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America and just last month, Court TV did a story on him.

But the real twist in this story is this. The man accused of robbing Bill's Fresh Market Express over the weekend is the Mopinator's brother.

Delbert Jenkins has not admitted any connection to the 2005 robbery. Police are still continuing that investigation. I spoke with Lucas on Monday night.  He doesn't believe his brother was the one he slugged it out with a year ago and he has agreed to take a lie-detector test to clear his own name, if police do link his brother to both robberies.