Piggott Pep Rally for 875th

September 19, 2006--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CDT

PIGGOTT, AR--It's a pep rally fit for a hero, as students in Piggott put on a show for the men of the 875th.

"What can I say they are the backbone of this community right now," said Beverly Scott of Piggott Elementary.

"I think the smaller the town is the more they care about each other," said Piggott Elementary student Jim Copelin.

Over 400 students crammed into the Piggott Elementary school gymnasium for a soldier sendoff aimed to show local troops where the students' hearts are.

"I was kind of a sad that I am leaving. I am still sad, but this kind of puts a smile on my face," said Corey Rau of the 875th Engineer Battalion.

"Piggott has always been a real supportive community. Today means a lot, a lot to everybody I think," said Walter Rau of the 875th.

While the members of the Piggott unit of the 875th will roll out of town Thursday, they will remain close to the students at Piggott Elementary. As part of their curriculum, they will send letters and care packages to these hometown heroes.

"It's going to mean a lot. I just hope I get a lot of gummy worms," said Corey Rau.

"It's just nice to have someone to write to. It is always good to get letters from back home," said Walter Rau.

The soldiers were introduced to the classes they will correspond with in the coming months. It's a friendship that will benefit both soldier and student.

"It's really awesome, because he can teach me some stuff while we are writing letters about stuff he is doing," said Copelin.

While the flags were flying high Tuesday, the community of Piggott wants these soldiers to know the flags will continue to fly in support.

"We'll be with them in our thoughts and prayers the whole time they are over there. That is about all I can say for you is that we love you," said Scott.