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Jonesboro-- Craig Rickert Reports

Jonesboro Voters Put Down Millage Increase

September 19, 2006, Posted at 11:00 PM CDT

Jonesboro--Voters in the Jonesboro school district once again voted down a proposed millage increase for the city's largest school district.  It wasn't even close.  Those opposed to the millage hike outnumbered those for the 3.5 mill increase by nearly a two-to-one margin, 63% to 37%.

The defeat marks the third time since 1999 that voters in the Jonesboro Public School District have said ''no'' to a proposed hike in their property taxes.

The voter turnout was not heavy, despite the publicity the millage increase had been getting.  2,959 people voted in the election, 1846 of them voted ''no''.

The scene at the courthouse was much different than last year when a millage increase was voted down by nearly the same margin.  That night, supporters of the increase were seen in tears after the defeat.  This year, no one on either side of the issue could be found when the results were posted at 9:20.


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