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Lunch on the Road

SEPTEMBER 20, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:30 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- It's only been 4 days since the soldiers of the 875th returned home and already, the preparation for their departure has begun.

Shana Lunnie and her husband are both part of the 875th, but because of a medical problem, she's unable to leave Thursday. She hopes to be over there as soon as possible, but for now she's doing all she can to help, even by making their lunch for the trip.

"I'm so sad that he's leaving me tomorrow. It seems like he just got back yesterday. I can't believe it's already Day 4," says Lunnie.

She says working with the 875th support group has helped to fill a void.

"It really makes me sad that I can't be there with them, because I know it's my obligation to be there, but I'll be there soon enough," says Lunnie.

But for now, she says she'll continue to help out anyway she can.

"I felt this was important so we can help the soldiers in anyway we can. Make them feel better about this transition, their trip, leaving their family again, anything to make it easier on them," says Lunnie.

Several volunteers showed up to help make the sack lunches for the troops.

"We're all putting our heart and our prayers in these sandwiches as we pack them up," says one volunteer.

With nearly 370 soldiers leaving in the 875th, a lot of sack lunches had to be made, 740 to be exact.  The sacks weren't just filled with food. Letters from students at local schools were put in each lunch, thanking the troops and wishing them a safe return home.

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