Memphis Plant to Begin Making Biofuel in Two Weeks

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 - Posted 11:05 a.m. CDT

MEMPHIS, TN - A company that plans to make fuel from soybeans says it will begin production in a couple of weeks.

Milagro Biofuels of Memphis showed off its facility to state and local government officials yesterday.

The plant in the uptown area of Memphis is expected to make between five million and nine million gallons of fuel annually.

The product will be blended with petroleum diesel to become biodiesel and used to run vehicles powered by diesel engines.

Plant manager James Burkhead says a byproduct, glycerin, will be sold to industrial customers.

Officials say biodiesel burns cleaner, reduces the need for imported oil and is a boon to farmers.

Producing five million gallons of the fuel requires about 126,000 acres of soybeans.

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