Katrina Evacuees Displaced by Arkansas Flood

September 23, 2006-- Posted at 7:30 pm

POCAHONTAS-- For one Randolph County family, the flood waters were an awful reminder of how they ended up in Arkansas in the first place.

They were forced from their home during Hurricane Katrina... Now they are homeless again because of flood waters.

For the Strain family, these rushing waters are a familiar sight.

After losing everything in Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi ... Now, they lose everything to flood waters in Arkansas.

"It's just hell I guess," Amber Hill says.

"After last year what we went through and this year again, it's pretty disruptive. And my pregnant wife... It's pretty rough on her too," Brian Strain says.

You see amber is 7 and a half months pregnant.

"It's just devastating. We just move from one place to another. It took us forever to get here," Amber says.

And as they watch their lives drift away once again, there's not much to turn to.

When they came here after katrina, all they had was eachother.

"We don't have any family here. No friends... No help," Amber says.

But this little cabin on the river was like home.

"It has been really relaxing. It really feels like home to me," Amber says.

"We loved it on the river. It's about the best place I ever lived. We fish everyday and stuff like that. It has been really good," Brian says.

There's not much left... The floors have buckled from the water, all they were able to salvage were the clothes on their back.

And as they leave here, all they have is what they started with... Family.

"I'll just start a new job, start over again. Hopefully we can build up again," Brian says.

The Black River Area Agency (B.R.A.D.) of Pocahontas is helping the strain family get back on their feet.

If you'd like to help family's like this one, give the agency a call at 870-892-4547 ext 238