Homes Destroyed, Property Damaged by Storms

September 23, 2006 -- Posted at 8:41 p.m. CDT

SHARP COUNTY, AR -- Residents off of Dry Bone Lane in Sharp County are still shaken after Friday night's devastating storms.

"My husband screamed to go down in the basement and when we went down, we were there for about 30 seconds before the tornado was in our house.  Everything was crashing down... it was scary because we didn't know what we were going to come up to," said Kristain Daniels.

Daniels and her husband Keith were unaware the storm was coming their way, but once it hit them their first thoughts were to warn others.

"Keith called from up here to the ranch house and said there was a tornado up here destroying everything," said Ron Henry.

Henry's home was spared by the storm, but his other property was not.  He estimates his loss to be at around $300,000.

"This shop, the barn, another barn down the way, a couple of houses... it destroyed another couple of houses where it first started down on the further end," said Henry.

Henry and his family tried to get to their damaged property late Friday night, but stopped to help those who needed them more.

"We could see the other neighbors on the other side of the trees and we went back to the house and got a tractor and came back through the path and helped them get out.  Their house was totally destroyed.  The man was thrown from the house and landed in the yard, and his wife was under the walls," said Henry.

Another unbelievable site along the path of the storm is the remnants of a house trailer.  A teenage boy was home at the time of the storm and neighbors say the trailer was ripped from its base and tossed around with the teen still inside.  The trailer was destroyed and the teen was thrown into a tree.  He escaped with just a few scratches.

As for Kristain Daniels, she says it could have been worse.

"I think we were lucky.  With all the surrounding damage, I think we got really lucky that it didn't do more than it did," said Daniels.