Popular Campsite Is Washed Away

September 23, 2006, Posted at 9:00 PM CDT

Hardy, AR-- "It's like Marmaduke. You can't believe this."

As unbelievable as it is, this is Riverbend Park's reality. Ruined rv's and rubble. Even the fish have been displaced.

The damage is everywhere. 30 to 40 foot long rv's were washed away. Ceilings in campers were covered with mud. Kitchen sinks were left full of the filthy water that rose so high so fast. Lynn pounder works security for the park. He told K8 news it could have been much worse.

Not everyone made it out. A search and rescue team from the Trumann Fire Department went from rv to rv breaking in if they had to. They were looking for one missing man, a job that was professional and personal. A former colleague, Jack Richardson, is among the missing. They called of the search for the night at 7:00. They'll start again first thing in the morning.