Search Goes On, Clean-up Begins After Flooding

September 24, 2006--Posted at 10:30 PM CDT

HARDY, AR --Late Saturday night, the fears of 16 year old Christopher Bodkin's family became reality. They found his body a day after he was swept away by floodwaters. Christopher was with his step father and brother on their way to help others affected by the flooding when they tried to cross Martins Creek near Williford when their car was swept away. Christopher's brother and step-father survived.

There's still no conclusion to the fate of Trumann's Jack, or Jackie, Richardson. The 55 year old disappeared into the floodwaters at Riverbend Park early Saturday morning. Today, crews brought in cadaver dogs to aid in the search. The dogs did 'hit' near a camper surrounded by high water, but as of sunset Sunday, a body has not yet been found.

Up the Spring River, the cleanup is just beginning for Rusty and Sheila Guinn of Jonesboro. Their river house is near Saddler falls. When the flood waters come up it was in Saddler falls. This is the second time in three years they've been flooded. A wet ground flood and a soggy dog aside the Guinns don't intend to give up on their getaway.