Flooded Homeowners Allowed to Return

SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:30 P.M. CDT

HARDY, AR -- After three days of watching and waiting, the residents of Hardy's Riverbend Park were finally allowed to go back into the park that flooded Saturday morning. Dora and Chuck Reason just closed on their river front home this past July and now, just 2 months later, they've lost basically everything.

"We just got everything done the night the storm came. We were sitting here talking about how beautiful it all looked and got in the car and went home and that's the last we saw of it. It's all gone, there's nothing left," says Dora Reason.

They found belongings scattered all across the camp grounds.

"There's a big metal canopy like a carport. Somebody's dock is up against it and bent the whole side in and knocked it over the trailer. It couldn't get much worse," says Reason.

The strangest part of all could be the things the waters did leave practically untouched.

"Our wheel barrel was still sitting there, which is totally ludicrous and our boat dock was turned around another way and had our boat still on it. So we did save those things, a little bit," says Reason.

Nearly every homeowner in the park sustained some type of damage, but through all the clean-up, many continue to say they feel lucky.

"It's a little bit worse than what I expected, but I'm counting myself kind of lucky because you don't have to look very far to see that some people's places were a whole lot worse than what mine was," says Bryan Butts, who sustained major damages.

Bryan Butts' home was completely moved off its grounds by the floods and cleaning up will be a tough process. But through it all he says the hardest part is remembering all the good times shared in a once beautiful, vibrant place.

"Roasting marshmallows, hot dogs on the fire, just good clean fun. There's security and stuff like that. You can go home and you don't have to worry about your place too much. It's kind of ironic that the river takes it away. The one thing you enjoy the most about being up here," says Butts.

Surprisingly, the homeowners were only allowed 30 minutes to see their homes Monday and clean up what they could. Many said they are hoping for more time Tuesday.