CAUGHT ON TAPE -- Fight Erupts Between Drivers at Toledo Speedway

TOLEDO (AP) - A dispute that erupted during a stock-car race after one driver's car went into the wall led to a wild fight in which the driver took a running leap through the plastic windshield of another car.  The fight began on the 112th lap of Sunday's Great Lakes Chevy Dealers/Budweiser Glass City 200 at the Toledo Speedway when a car driven by Michael Simko went into the wall after dueling for position with Don St. Denis.

Simko got out of his car and began running toward St. Denis' car, which by that time was stopped on the track, according to a video and an account on the Web site of the Automobile Racing Club of America. The club sanctioned the race.

At a full run, Simko jumped through the plastic windshield with both feet. Simko then fell from the vehicle to the ground, got up and hurled his helmet at St. Denis, who was still in the driver's seat.

After race officials ordered Simko away from the vehicle and into the infield, St. Denis jumped out and rushed him. The two threw several punches at each other before they could be separated.

Both drivers have been suspended from ARCA-sanctioned events indefinitely, Scott Schultz, general manager of Toledo Speedway, said Monday.  "Any fighting is an automatic suspension with us," Schultz said.

Jack Landis won the race.

ARCA-sponsored races feature late-model stock cars. Many NASCAR drivers got experience driving in ARCA races.

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