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ASU Nursing Students Examine the Power of Hope

September 26, 2006 - Posted at 6:21 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - "Hope Week" is a community wide weeklong series of events and activities designed to salute and highlight the spirit of hope and its importance in our community... ASU student were treated to a program on the power of hope at the Student Union Auditorium on campus.

It's not something easily taught in a classroom....hope.  For ASU Nursing students, Tuesday's presentation was chance to learn about the power of hope.

"In the clinical study we see patients everyday in the hospital that have lost hope or have poor hope.  They don't have family coming in, so as a student it's important for us to go in there and be friendly and motivate them to get better and to do their exercises and eat better so they can get out of there," said senior nursing student Kate Smith.

"It's something we have to provide, it comes with the territory as well though," said Leah Robertson, a senior in the ASU nursing program, "Not every nurse may have that instinct right away, but I think they develop it the more they are involved with their patient and the better they know what is going on with their lives."

And for these future's the promise of hope they will be able to pass onto their patients.

"There are lots of different qualities that we have to make the students aware of to help instill in their patients and certainly anything to do with spirituality, hope, confidence, motivation.  Anything that will get them to move forward is going to be very important," said Susan Hanrahan, Dean of College of Nursing & Health Professions.

And while the expressions and demonstrations of hope vary's regarded as an essential characteristic of being human.

"Hope is a valuable quality for anyone, no matter what the circumstance and people hope differently and if you see the themes that are going on this week, everybody has a little different slant on how they view hope and how they incorporate it into their life," said Hanrahan.

The celebration of hope continues until October 1st.  For more information, call 934-5214 or log onto www.

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