Support for Developmental Challenged Adults

September 26, 2006-- Posted at 10:30 pm

JONESBORO-- A Northeast Arkansas legislative conference on developmental disabilities was held today at Abilities Unlimited in Jonesboro.

The Developmental Disability Provider Association has 46 providers statewide... Abilities Unlimited being one of those who strives to help developmentally challenged adults.

"It's a very significant thing that's happening here in Northeast Arkansas. We're very fortunate to have the quality of providers and services that we have here," Abilities Unlimited Director Phil Taylor."

Abilities Unlimited and other non-profit disability facilities throughout the state are very dependent on medicaid dollars.

That's why it's essential to inform those who appropriate that money of the need.

"Developmental disability provider association: "The general assembly being the only constitutional body that can appropriate money, naturally we're interested in seeing our citizens have the ability to develop to their greatest potential," Senator and DDPA Director Randy Laverty says.

A potential that starts with facilities like this... Abilities Unlimited has numerous programs and therapy that can actually give citizens with disabilities the opportunity to be gainfully employed and self sufficient.

"Our services give people with disabilities a better quality of life... To give them a chance to have the same thing that we experience," Taylor says.

"It's amazing that there are so many people, even around in our own communities, where you have a great facilities like this, aren't aware of the spectrum of services that we provide so we're trying to change that. Education is one of our best allies," Laverty says.