Students Gather for Prayer at See You at the Pole

September 27, 2006 -- Posted at 12:16 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- In a time in our country when the simple act of praying at school can prompt a lawsuit, many students all across the United States are gathering around the flagpole to do just that.

Students at the Valley View School District gathered bright and early this morning to participate in an event that's been taking place for the last 26 years.

"It's just something that we need to do.  All the students getting together and praying over our school and our country is just something that's really cool to do," said Valley View Student Ryan Wells.

"It's just a group gathering and everyone was coming just to pray with God," said student Hunter Saffell.

This day is something many of the students look forward to.

"We hung up a few posters and stuff, but mostly we didn't really do anything.  It's a very big event and most students just come out here of their own free will," said Wells.

"I think it reminds them that school is a place they can pray," said Valley View teacher Traci Smith.

"See you at the Pole" started Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m., and as the morning progressed more and more students arrived.

"It lets them see that there are other people that are just like them that will get up long before they usually do and get together and pray," said Smith.

The event is held on the school campus with support from the administration, but is planned by the students.

"They have chosen to break down into small groups, which will involve more people. They have chosen who will be invited to speak, so it's been entirely student planned," said Smith.Without realizing it, these students are having an impact on the community through prayer.

"As these kids have been praying members of the community have been driving through the campus and they are reminded that there is a Christian influence here," said Smith.

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