Hilton Garden Inn Coming to Jonesboro

September 28, 2006 - Posted at 5:15 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- A brand new hotel with a familiar name is coming to Jonesboro. The Hilton Hotel chain is known around the world as upscale.  Plans are being made to build Jonesboro's newest hotel... Hilton Garden Inn.

The former Lowe's building on Caraway was one of the first major businesses to locate on the busy road.  However, it closed several years ago and the lot has since sat vacant just waiting to get a second chance.  Now that second chance has come in grand fashion with the announcement of the Jonesboro Hilton Garden Inn.

"It's still very centrally located and Caraway road is still one of the major commercial arteries. You will actually be able to see the building from Highway 63 or future I-555," said Fred Dacus of Fred Dacus Associates.

The site is located on 7.25 acres and stretches from Caraway Road to Fair Park Avenue.

"It's my opinion that the hotel is going to initially be three to four stories with 100 rooms but with provisions to add additional stories at a later date," said Dacus.

While the main attraction of the development is the hotel, the site will be home to much more.

"They do have a restaurant that serves made to order breakfast but there will also be room in the development for a couple of restaurants," said Dacus.

The Caraway Road frontage will have sites for two restaurants. While the specific restaurants haven't been finalized Dacus promises they will add to the culinary landscape.

"We're talking to some well known chains and also to some independent operators that have some have really fine restaurants in other cities," said Dacus.

The site was acquired by NE Arkansas Hospitality which felt it was striking early on an excellent investment opportunity.

"They tell me they see what has happened in Northwest Arkansas in the previous years beginning to happen here in Jonesboro," said Dacus.

In addition the extra hotel rooms should put the city in position for other economic opportunities.

"New properties always give you better options for recruiting meetings and conventions to the area. So this will be a good addition to the mixture we already got," said Cari White of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce.

The property for the hotel is located on the lot adjacent from the site of the former John Q. Hammons Convention Center proposal.

If you are hoping to party like a Hilton at the Hilton, be prepared to wait a while, developers don't plan to break ground until at least March.