Offbeat: One Armed Bow Hunter

September 29th--Posted at 11:45 a.m. CDT

KNOBEL, AR--82 year old Calvin Walker is a deer slayer.  Walker has killed more than 100 deer over the years and for Walker that accomplishment is just short of a miracle.  You see, Calvin Walker lost his arm back in 1962.

Walker was working a hay bailer when he got his arm stuck and in an instance the machine took it off at the shoulder.  Walker was lucky to live through it and says he almost gave up hunting all together, but just loved being in the woods too much to quit.  He says it took a while but with a cross bow and some props, Walker became proficient enough to take down some deer. In Clay county there is only a two day shotgun season so archery is the preferred method of taking deer in Walker's neck of the woods.

In 1990, Walker took the prize in Arkansas' Big Buck contest, but doesn't stop with just deer hunting.  Walker says he'll hunt just about anything, and his second love is turkey hunting.

Calvin says that he hopes he's an inspiration to others and proof that with a little determination and ingenuity, all things are possible.