Bagging the Big Game During Bow Season

September 29, 2006 - Posted at 6:44 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Many outdoor enthusiasts have been honing their archery skills.  Bow season is just around the begins October 1 st and runs for the next five months.

Bow hunters can improve their chances of bagging the big game if their equipment is in top shape.

"You need a bow, arrows, broad heads, some cover scents and cameo clothing," said Dennis Noel of DNW Outdoors.

Other add-ons like deer calls and plus scopes for your cross bow can add to your experience. In addition, new advances including better broad heads and lighter bows can prove to be valuable upgrades on your current gear. Once you have all the necessities you are still not quite ready to hunt.

"By now everyone has gotten their bows out and been practicing. You need to give an inspection of your limbs and strings and those things and make sure everything is in good shape. Check out your broad heads and such," said Noel.

In a sport where being a few inches off is the difference between a hit or miss, yearly general maintenance is key.

"One of the main things is your string and your string is going to deteriorate over the years.  If you aren't sure what to look for, just bring it up here and we can check it out," said Noel.

Now that your gear is good, it's time to practice.  It's a good rule of thumb if you use practice tips make sure you shoot your broad heads. Plus practice your shooting while sitting, standing and in other various positions. Both of these tips will help to simulate real hunting conditions. But the number one tip is just to have fun.

"Kids can hunt as well as adults it's just something that relieves stress, it's peaceful and it's enjoyable to do," said Noel.

One final tip...practice in different clothing.  Many hunters claim to miss their targets because of their bowstring slapping their heavy coat.