Rebuilding Region 8 After April Tornadoes

October 2, 2006 -- Posted at 1:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- It was six months ago that tornadoes ripped through Region 8 leaving miles of destruction, residents without homes, and countless hours of clean-up ahead.

Among the hardest hit by mother nature's fury was the small Greene County town of Marmaduke, and Caruthersville, Missouri.

Those violent tornadoes on April 2nd left a painful mark on Region 8.

"You can stand in my yard and look as far as the eye can see.......every house is damaged," said one man cleaning up debris.

It wasn't until the light of day on April 3rd that we got a startling look at exactly how much damage had been done.

Part of the roof on Marmaduke's school was torn off, there were miles of flattened homes, hundreds of uprooted trees, and a sense of helplessness down every littered street.

"It's such a mess, I just don't know where to start. I just do a little at a time......I guess," said another man.

Little by little hundreds of people are  starting over, many with new homes and new beginnings.