Marmaduke Celebrates Six Months of Rebuilding

October 2, 2006--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

MARMADUKE, AR--Six months ago, over 750 residents in Marmaduke didn't have a home after an F-3 tornado roared through town. Now, residents of this small town are working hard to rebuild their homes and their lives.

"We wanted a new house, but we didn't want to get it this way," said Marmaduke resident Hugh McCrory.

McCrory like many other residents, who had their homes destroyed, have rebuilt their homes and choose to look on the bright side.

"The Lord, we feel, has really blessed us, because we have a larger home and somewhat nicer than what we had," said Marmaduke resident Irene Pinkston.

The town has issued 25 home building permits and another 34 mobile home permits. Slowly but surely, they believe the town is coming back stronger than ever.

"People have remodeled and the community is looking so much better than it did before," said Pinkston.

Things have dramatically changed over the last six months. The town's old water tower and other structures were torn down, but new construction is popping up. Residents expect that when things are complete, the town will be better than ever.

"As you can see a lot of people are building back, it's part of Marmaduke's future," said Pinkston.

"A lot of the people who left, I think will come back and that is the future of your town right there," said McCrory.

A future that should have a strong economy with American Railcar Industries announcement they will build a second factory in Marmaduke.

"They are doing a 26 million dollar addition and I hear later on they are going to do another. There will be 200 to 250 new jobs," said Marmaduke mayor Nileane Drope.

Despite the good signs, the town still has a ways to go, but these good neighbors don't plan on giving up.

"Why would you want to build in your own community again? Because this is home and this is where God planted us," said Pinkston.