ASU Students Concerned About Safety

OCTOBER 3, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Safety on school campuses continues to be an issue of importance, and that includes college campuses as well. After 2 students were violently attacked on the campus of Arkansas State last week, many students are now concerned about their safety.

"There have been some concerns with safety issues on campus. We've had a couple of muggings that have taken place on campus over the last couple of weeks. Students are afraid to walk alone at night and things like that," says Tiffany Frazier, the Student Government President.

Last Monday, 2 students were walking back to their dorm after studying at the library when they were suddenly attacked. One student was injured, but surprisingly nothing was stolen. University Police are calling it a random act of violence. Word of other attacks have surfaced around campus as well, but Frazier says most go unreported.

"There have been unconfirmed crimes on campus that have not been reported to university police department that I have actually heard about, but we can't do anything about it unless these crimes are reported and they could possibly link to other crimes to help us solve other cases on campus," says Frazier.

Students and administrators walked through campus after the sun went down Tuesday checking for areas that could be dangerous for students. This is just one of the ways they've decided to join together with University Police in an effort to cut down on the campus crime.

"We've increased our foot patrol with our University Police Department. We've also produced safety tips that we're encouraging students to be aware of," says Dr. Rick Stripling, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

University officials say keeping students safe is their top priority and that's also why the

University Police Department has posted safety tips for students located right on their website.

"The safety tips again are to go in groups, walk in the well lit areas. In the event that you feel unsafe and you're leaving from the library to your residence hall, the UPD will do a police escort for you, all you have to do is just give them a quick call," says Stripling.

Also on the website, the UPD set up a silent witness protection program.

"Students can go online and report crimes. There names will not be released or anything, but if they would like to be contacted so further information can be gathered, they can put their name down," says Tiffany Frazier.

Walking through the campus at night, you feel pretty safe, but as the incidents over the past few weeks prove, you never know what can happen, so being prepared is always your safest bet.

Clink on the link below for safety tips from the University Police Department or call the UPD at 870-972-2093.