Huckabee Says Some of State's Surplus Should be Refunded

OCTOBER 4, 2006 - Posted at 3:39 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Huckabee today reiterated his call for some of the state surplus to be refunded to taxpayers.

The state has a surplus of $721 million.  Huckabee says some of that money will have to go to education - public schools and maybe for higher education.

But the governor says some of the money should be returned to taxpayers.

The fight won't be Huckabee's for long...he leaves office in January and is considering a run for president.

The major candidates for governor Democrat Mike Beebe and Republican Asa Hutchinson have advocated doing away with the state sales tax on food as a way to compensate for the surplus.

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