Local Drug Bust Puts Many Behind Bars

OCTOBER 4, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:45 P.M. CDT

POINSETT COUNTY, AR -- Wednesday afternoon, the Trumann Police Department, along with agencies all through Poinsett County started a county wide drug sweep. Approximately 200 arrest warrants were issued and the suspects weren't too hard to find.

"The suspects that you see in those arrests had an informant sent in and made a buy off of them either for crack cocaine, crystal meth, or marijuana," says Police Chief Larry Blagg, of the Truman Police Department.

The bust didn't just start however, undercover work started months ago in preparation.

"A lot of man hours put into that. Our CID officers have worked informants into the night. They'll work their day shift, then they'll work 4 to 5 hours doing these undercover buys at night," says Chief Blagg.

Arrests seemed to be around every corner as we followed along. Many things were seized including guns, paraphernalia, and loads of drugs at nearly every stop. But overall crystal meth seemed to be the top find.

"This part of the country has a problem with meth and I think the only one that outranked this region is California, parts of California rather. We're just trying to combat this thing before it gets out of hand because it's everywhere you look. Crystal meth is probably the predominant drug of choice," says Chief Blagg.

And he says that's mainly because it's so easy to make. Several arrests were made from the over purchasing of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient for cooking meth. Chief Blagg says he hopes this helps to clean up the drug users, but as far as the dealers go, he says they're getting what they deserve.

"I don't have any feeling for these dealers. They know better. They're out here slinging that dope and these people getting on it, their kids are going without, they're going without, so I don't have any compassion for the dealers, but these users I'd like to see them get some help," says Chief Blagg.

Several other arrests were made throughout the county, with departments from Marked Tree, Tyronza, Lepanto, and Harrisburg assisting with this drug interdiction program, a program that will continue each day.

"We're going to go out everyday and try to buy drugs. We're going to go out everyday and try to subpoena records. We're going to go out everyday and we're going to do that. We're just asking them to quit messing with this dope, these drugs.  This was very successful, we're very proud of what went on," says Chief Blagg.

Some of the charges handed down include the over purchase of pseudoephedrine in a 30 day period, intent to deliver, as well as the delivery of crystal meth, crack cocaine, marijuana, and various other narcotics.