Region 8 Reacts to North Korea

October 9, 2006--Posted at 6:31 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--As Region 8 reacts to the news of North Korea's nuclear testing, residents are uncertain and uneasy for what the future holds.

"I think it is very scary that a country that isn't that far away from us has successfully tested a nuclear weapon," said Elaine Farris.

"It definitely makes me nervous, that they have been so blatant and obvious in testing their weapons. According to the U.N. Security Council they are not allowed to," said Jarrett Clark.

While everyone K8 News spoke with said they were scared that North Korea could have this capability, they were split on what the United State's reaction should be.

"I definitely think we should have a response, but I don't know what it should be," said Farris.

"The last thing America needs to do is play world police again and go in there and preemptively attack without affirmation from the U.N.," said Clark.

ASU Political Science Professor Dr. Ross Marley doesn't feel the test changes anything militarily, since North Korea already has armed forces. However, he believes North Korea is still a threat.

"The communist king of North Korea appears to me to be seriously deranged, so it's dangerous," said Marlay.

Marlay said President Bush's reaction to this threat was more diplomatic than the threat from Iran.

"If you knew your neighbor was a lunatic you would treat him very gently and delicately. I think that is the way the United States is going to treat North Korea in this case," said Marlay.

While North Korea's nuclear capabilities are disturbing, this announcement isn't cause for alarm.

"I think it is the Chihuahua strategy. A chihuahua is a little dog, but it barks a lot so people give it space. That bark and North Korea's nuclear test is actually evidence of weakness, not strength," said Marlay.