The Chatterbox Restaurant Destroyed by Fire

October 10, 2006 -- Posted at 10:15 p.m. CDT

LAKE CITY, AR -- The Chatter Box Restaurant in Lake City is no more after it was destroyed by a fire Monday night.

"When we arrived on the scene about six minutes after we got the call, we noticed the fire was coming out the back," said Fire Chief Norman Eidson.

Edison says the fire started in the kitchen, but the actual cause isn't known.

The restaurant closed Monday night around 8 p.m.  The fire department was called out after 9 p.m.

Tuesday restaurant workers and family members spent the day trying to pick up the pieces.

The owner of the building says that the restaurant half will probably be torn down.

For anyone who knows of The Chatterbox, they know it's not just a family restaurant... it's also served as an important stop for political candidates.

"All the political activities in town happened here. It was democrat central here in Lake City," said customer Myra Davis.

"People like that just always come to The Chatterbox when they visit the town of Lake City.  Maybe they come because we call it The Chatterbox.  Everybody just gangs in and has a big old time," said building owner, Donnie Peaster.

Many residents made a stop at The Chatterbox on Tuesday to pay their regards for a place, and to people they consider family.