Teens' Quick Thinking Helped Dangerous Situation

October 11, 2006, Posted at 8:30 PM CDT

Jonesboro--Tuesday's school bus accident happened just off of highway 117 in Lawrence County.

The Arkansas State Police have ruled that the bus driver from the Hillcrest School District lost control of the bus while disciplining some of the passengers.

On Wednesday, K8 News sat down with the two students who called 911 from the overturned school bus.

"I got up and there were a bunch of little kids bleeding and crying and stuff.  The bus driver was knocked out, so we got all the little kids off the bus.  Monica gave me her phone and told me to call," said Jacob Lovelady.

Jacob made the call to 911 explaining their location and what was going on at the scene.

911 operator: Where's everybody right now?

Jacob:  They're walking away from the bus.

911 operator: Try to keep everybody there.  Keep everybody right there.

Jacob:  Hey!  Everybody stay by the bus!

The phone call was placed from Monica Ross' phone.

"Jacob called his dad and he couldn't get an answer, so I told him to call 911 and he called them and handed me the phone," said Monica Ross.

Every child on board the bus had some type of injury.

"One of them was bleeding from the head really bad, so Tim gave him his coat so he could stay warm.  We helped people out of ditches that had crawled out of windows," said Lovelady.

"I was a little bit calmer than most kids that were there.  I just kept my cool to keep from scaring the other kids," said Ross.

Ross said she tried to keep all of the kids calm.  They got the younger kids out of the bus and moved them to the opposite side of the road.

"I consider myself to be a hero, but along with all of the other kids.  They all helped and we all did a team job to help each other and help the kids," said Ross.

All of the students worked together.  While Monica and Jacob worked with 911, two other students Jim Jones and Jody Wade worked to get the younger children off the bus and also worked to free the bus driver.

"We're just so proud of those students.  I mean they are true hero's," said Hillcrest School District Superintendent Greg Crabtree.

Monica Ross and Jacob Lovelady are going to be presented with special awards for bravery for their courage in making the 911 call.