Offbeat: Turkey Call Maker

October 19, 2007--Posted at 10:00 a.m. CDT

GREENE CO., AR--Jim "Sarge" Prater can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English, but he's best when talking turkey.  Prater can talk turkey with the best of them because for the last 25 years he's been making wing bone turkey calls.

The 80 year old Prater uses the wing bones of turkeys, combined with deer antler, or calf horn, or wood, to produce his Full Strutt calls.  He says it takes about 3 or four days to make one of his calls by hand and he puts lots of detail work into the call.  Before he applies the laquer coat, he signs and dates the call, and puts on plenty of extras like jewels and glitter.  Sometimes, Jim even adds little messages like, "Gone Huntin, "Have a Nice Day," or he might even add some turkey tracks and a smiley face for fun.

If you'd like to get your hands on one of Sarge's Full Strutt calls, just give him a ring at 870-933-8952.