'Ten Commandments Judge' Speaks to Local Church

OCTOBER 15, 2006 -- POSTED AT 5:30 P.M. CDT

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- The Gethsemane Baptist Church in Walnut Ridge is made of a congregation strong in their beliefs; the belief that God belongs in our country's government.

"Our founding fathers were established on a Christian nation and they all spoke of God in public and Christianity in public and we believe we should still have the right that we've always had," says Derek Collins, the Senior Pastor at Gethsemane Baptist.

For Sunday service, the church brought in Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to speak about this controversial issue. Judge Moore was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court in 2003 for his strong stance on acknowledging God. Today, he continues to spread his message that God in government is not a violation of our rights.

"Certainly, the display of the Ten Commandments is not inconsistent of the U.S. Constitution or it wouldn't be found on the Supreme Court building itself in Washington D.C.," says Roy Moore.

The Ten Commandments is just one of many things Moore stood for as a judge. He says in our courts today, the presence of God is diminishing.

"They just distanced law and government from god and therefore their own basis morality is the world's standard and I think that is one of our biggest problems," says Moore.

Moore also mentioned that he feels a lot of our problems within our country today are because of our suffering relationship with God.

"We see school shootings, we see Congressmen in corruption in Washington and in each state legislature. We should recognize that we're losing our national morality," says Moore.

And for government officials who disagree, he says they should take a closer look at the principles our country is based on.

"I think many of our politicians do not understand, do not understand the concept of the difference between religion and God. God is not religion. The distinction must be made between the belief of religion as an institution and the belief of the sovereignty of God," says Moore.

With Election Day only 3 weeks away, the local church says they hope Arkansas politicians will stand for some of same beliefs that Judge Moore practiced during his term on the Alabama Supreme Court.