County Officials Watch & Wait as More Rain Falls on Region 8

October 16, 2006 - Posted at 5:19 p.m. CDT

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR -- Much of Region 8 has seen rainy weather all Monday long...and there's no end in sight.  And it's all to the dismay of those hit hard by storms and flood damage only a few weeks ago.

Officials in Randolph County have been working to repair washed out roads and bridges since storms swept the area last month and with a predicted four inches of rain expected to fall in the next 24 hours, the clean-up could come even slower.

This Friday will mark three weeks since the initial storm rolled through Region 8, making Randolph County a disaster zone.  Now as more rain is predicted for Monday, all county officials say they can do is watch and wait.

"If it comes over a period of time we'll be alright, if it comes in a flash flooding type of situation, we'll have a problem," said Randolph County Road Foreman Kendall Galbraith.

With nearly 2,000 miles worth of roads to maintain, Randolph County has been working with borrowed equipment, including dump trucks from Greene County, trying to repair damaged areas.

"We may have some ends of our low water bridges wash out if the creeks get up, just for the simple fact that we haven't been able to get back and rebuild the ends of them that got washed out," said Judge David Jansen, "We've got gravel in where we can cross them, but we haven't got all the repairs done yet."

The county has been using gravel from creek beds to replenish washed away roads.  "We've been trying to use the resources that we have," said Galbraith, "We've been putting clay gravel down and have been trying to rebuild with gravel and basically start from scratch." And even if the water waits, it will still be a race against time.

"We're fighting the timeline right now with winter coming on.  Trying to get the roads rebuilt, get the gravel put back on, but we will get there," said Jansen, "I'm confident that we will get there."

It was just last Friday that the county opened Sage Grass Trail, the final road to be reopened since September 29th's storms.