Rain Puts Damper on Arkansas Harvest, State Fair

OCTOBER 17, 2006 - Posted at 7:39 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - It didn't take long for fairgoers to realize that the rain wasn't going to go away.  Arkansas State Fair spokesman Ralph Eubanks said a good crowd showed up yesterday morning, but after a few hours the rain had cut into attendance.

Elsewhere, the heavy rains across the state prompted flash flood warnings in some areas, and temporarily suspended cotton and soybean harvesting.  National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Smith said the rain was expected to move out of Arkansas today.  But the line of storms had dumped more than six inches of rain in some places by yesterday afternoon.

An automated rain guage at Devils Knob forestry station in Johnson County recorded 6.9 inches of rain by mid-afternoon.  Smith said a weather observer in Coal Hill in Johnson County reported 5.1 inches of rain early Monday, while Jasper in Newton County received four-and-a-quarter inches.  The intensity of the rain prompted the weather service to issue a flash flood warning for Newton, Johnson and Logan counties.

Steve Bays, a hydrologist with the weather service, said the main impact from the rain would most likely be an interruption in harvesting some crops.

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