Region 8 Teacher In Japan

October 17, 2006 -- Posted at 2:11 p.m. CDT

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- An elementary science teacher from Walnut Ridge is wrapping up her three week stay in Japan.

Fourth and 5th grade science teacher Charlotte Wheeless is a part of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program that has sent 200 teachers from across the United States to Japan so they can bring the knowledge they gain back to their students.

"She'll tell us about the subway station, Mount Fuji, her host family, and the cultures and arts of Japan," said fifth grade student Edward Harthorn.

"I think Mrs. Wheeles will bring back far more than the kids would have gotten had she not gotten this opportunity," said elementary principal Belinda Biggers.

In addition to two video conferences from Japan, Wheeles is also keeping a photo blog, that way her students can see the things she is experiencing.

"We got to go to her website and look at all the pictures she's taken and make more comments for her," said student Holly Looney.

Since she's been in Japan, Wheeless has experienced a typhoon, earthquake, and North Korea's controversial nuclear test.

"I don't know if Mrs. Pierce has been talking to you guys about the nuclear test that North Korea did while I've been here, but it's been kind of scary.  Everyday in the newspaper we see information about the radiation level," said Charlotte Wheeless.

The group of teachers has traveled to several different cities in Japan during their stay.  Wheeless is expected to return Friday, October 20th.

For more information about her trip you can log onto the website she has set up: