Small Town Race Causing Big Stir

OCTOBER 17, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:30 P.M. CDT

CHERRY VALLEY, AR -- As Election Day draws near, many races are beginning to heat up, but it's not just the big races that are causing a stir. The small town of Cherry Valley's race for mayor has people talking.

Current Mayor Mike Wood was there for their mayoral debate Tuesday night, but it was only a one man show. His opponent Bobby Williams never made it. The town of Cherry Valley has a population of about 800 people. Dozens turned out for the debate and were ready with their questions. The biggest issue among the citizens continued to be concerns with the police department, something the current mayor sees as an improvement.

"The police department is what I think has done the most for Cherry Valley," says Mayor Mike Wood.

But Bobby Williams, his opponent feels differently. We were able to catch up with Mr. Williams after the debate.

"We have approximately 10 to 12 police here and I don't think we need that. We don't need the name of having a speed trap here," says Williams.

We also asked Williams why he chose not to attend the event.

"This was just a political rally for my opponent and I didn't want to participate in something like that. They weren't serious about a debate. It was just a big campaign rally," says Williams.

Mayor Wood has been the mayor since 1991 and he said that he is pleased with the way things are going for their small town.

"It takes a lot of experience to be responsible for this town and I just feel like I'm the best man for the job," says Mayor Wood.

Voters will make their decision on Election Day, November 7th, now just three weeks away.