Football Season Over for Mountain View

October 18, 2006 -- Posted at 5:54 p.m. CDT

MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR -- The high school football season has been cancelled for players in Mountain View.

The decision was made after several players sustained injuries, making the number of kids out on the field a problem.

A meeting was held on Monday night by the Mountain View School Board to formally announce the cancellation and speak with upset parents.

Head Football Coach Kevin McCarn said the decision is solely based on safety.

"From the beginning of the season we knew we had low numbers and with injuries and fatigue through practice, we decided it was best for our kids to stop the football season," said McCarn.

The October sixth game against the Newport Greyhounds was the last football game of the regular season for the Yellow Jackets of Mountain View.

"This is just an unfortunate situation where our numbers had gotten down so low," said Superintendent Al Davidson.

The season started with 16 players, four were lost to injury leaving 12 players to play both the offensive and defensive roles.

Allen Baldridge has a son on the team, and said safety is always an issue, but football is a tough sport.

"I was a little concerned at first, but after I saw they were giving their all and trying really hard, I was supporting them 100%," said Baldridge.

But still, the players feel let down.

"Of course they're disappointed, and they should be.  They've put in a lot of work towards this season," said McCarn.

"He sort of feels like people in authority have let him down.  He and his teammates have given their all and I congratulate them for that," said Baldridge.

The final decision was made by the Mountain View School Board and the coaches say now its time to move on.

"What I've been trying to preach to them is that we need to be able to put it behind us and focus on positives we can get in the weight room and be prepared for the next season," said McCarn.

Because of the cancelled season the football team is missing two of their games.    However, there are still two varsity games that the team will play.

By the time those games are played the 15 ninth graders from the junior football team will join the older boys, bringing their numbers up significantly.