Egypt Fire Department Calling it Quits

OCTOBER 19, 2006 -- POSTED AT 8:00 P.M. CDT

EGYPT, AR -- The Egypt Volunteer Fire Department has called it quits and Egypt Mayor Don Scruggs says it's for the best.

"We didn't have any choice in the matter. It's either contract with somebody or quit all together. You know, we didn't have a choice, we had no firefighters," says Mayor Scruggs.

Fire calls will now be distributed to surrounding volunteer fire departments in Cash and possibly Bono. Mayor Scruggs says he has no doubt this will better serve the residents of Egypt.

"The numbers of our fire department had dwindled down over the years to four people and two of those had back problems, so we were hurting to begin with. I think all the way around this will be better for everybody," says Mayor Scruggs.

The money the Egypt Fire Department currently receives from the state will be contracted out to the other fire departments.

"What we're basically going to do is split the Egypt district in half. Bono is going to cover the northern half of our district. Cash is going to cover the southern half of our district and we're going to pay them to do so," says Mayor Scruggs.

Mayor Scruggs says they will keep the Egypt Fire Department building open for either fire department to use, along with all 4 four fire trucks they currently house.

"We're going to do this at least for the time being and you know one day we may have a fire department up and running again but right now it keeps the people out here in the Egypt district to have fire protection," says Mayor Scruggs.

Bono has yet to hold their fire board meeting to accept the contract, but Mayor Scruggs says he's confident they will agree to the deal.