JPD Busts Counterfeit Ring

October 19, 2006; Posted at 11:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro--Hundreds of dollars and it isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

These are just the practice printings of a counterfeit ring broken up this week by JPD. Detectives say this man, David Wayne Pittman was making the fake cash. He's charged with first degree forgery.

Brenda Lee Duever faces the same charge. She had one of the fake c-notes on her when she was arrested at the home she and Pittman share.

To say the suspects were "making" money isn't entirely accurate. Police say they were actually altering it. They say they were taking five dollars bills, bleaching them and reprinting them with a computer into 100 dollar bills.

It doesn't take a lot to tell the bills have been changed. You could take a look at them under a black light. Notice the security thread. In the real five, or the fake 100, the thread goes through the seal. In the actual 100 it doesn't. It's important to know how to spot the funny money because police fear there is a lot of counterfeit cash still out there.